Describing places, experiences and daily life situations is something Paulina has always enjoyed. Now she is creating more work in English and building a portfolio of new posts in different subjects.

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Actress, absurd performer. Pauliphysics is a colorful way of looking at things; she creates, shares and laughs at herself. After her discovery of Doctor Faustroll’s Pataphysics, she keeps finding new ways to explain the world with weird eyes.

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Writer, content creator. Paulina enjoys writing about places, sensations, communication, and marketing. As a professional in the field, she has created blog posts, prospect nurturing campaigns, copy for websites and media productions in Spanish and English. 

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Both sides of a coin

Paulina Lara Franco has the ability to work creatively and disciplined. She was granted the Master of Arts degree in Performance Making by Brunel University (UK, 2011-2012), and has a BA in Communication from Universidad La Salle Cancún (México, 2005-2009), where she was awarded the Brother Miguel's Medal for Academic Merit.

As an actress, she possesses more than 10 years of stage experience and as a communications professional has developed public relations, editorial and media productions for education, non-profit and private companies since 2008.



I am Paulina Lara Franco – Pauliphysics…

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